Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal

Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal ™ 

The journal will address issues that concern women in business. It will provide inspiration, information and resources for women entrepreneurs. Cottle’s Professional Consulting and its CPC Women in Business initiative provide quality educational services, professional development and business strategic planning for women internationally. Our Mission To empower women entrepreneurs with the knowledge needed to build a sustainable business. Our articles are intended to educate, empower, develop and motivate women to become leaders in their communities.

This year's journal is our third issue, with plans for an annual publication to follow. Writers can submit several articles, however only one article per topic as outlined in our list of topics will be considered. Article(s) should be no shorter than 350 words and not exceeding 1500 words preferably (longer articles are negotiable). Articles should be written in Word format. Identify the main topic of you article as well as the title of your article. Please forward a short abstract at your earliest convenience. Please attach a brief bio of no more than 150 words in a Word Format and include a head-shot with 300dpi and in a .jpg or .png format. Please include an email address and a telephone number and you can also include any links to your website and or blog if available

All materials submitted must be original pieces written by the contributor.  If you quote someone, include reference. After an article is submitted, it will be edited if required by my editing staff and I. Further, I will like to have exclusive rights to the submission and is given full use of the article for any form of publications, in all media without compensation to the contributor; at a later date.

We also require that our contributors are at least 21 years old. We also recommend that your contribution (s) may be free of abusive, vulgar, obscene, violates any laws and any intellectual property or other rights, or is understood to be false. This applies to whether you are contributing an article, poem and or photograph. Your name will always remain the creator of the piece of work. We expect an article to be about 1 to 3 pages long. We will accept longer papers but it will have to be discussed with the editor. We are looking for articles that relates to women entrepreneurship, and that which the author/contributor is most comfortable with.

Deadline for all final article(s) submissions is generally October, 2014 but because we have had some setbacks it is now shifted to November, 15, 2014. If you require some additional time to complete your contribution, it will be granted to you by the editor.  Article submissions are FREE!  The journal will be published as an online journal by the 31th December 2014. As noted above, I will like to have the exclusive rights to the submission and is given full use of the article for any form of publications, in all media without compensation to the contributor; at a later date.

Experienced, as well as novice writers are welcome to submit articles. This is a journal for women in business written by women. It is a vehicle through which we can convey the message; that you can achieve your goals, and that there is support available from other women by a click of the mouse. Through our shared stories, thoughts, and experiences, we hope to empower, educate, and develop each other while building a bridge through which we can network and make our businesses more sustainable.

We will provide you with a listing of our topics we will be focusing on in this volume, after we receive your commitment to submit an article for our journal. You are not limited to write about the topics and sub themes suggested. If you have a topic not listed, you can propose it to the editor and a decision can be made for its submission. Participants can also submit poems, short stories, and or photography.

For more details please contact the editor. Your submissions will be reviewed for acceptance and if you are required to make additional changes, you will be informed. Thanks for your voluntary participation in this project.

You can contact the editor at Cottle Professional Consulting - Simply Inspirational for Women in Business Journal via email at:

For a listings of our topic:

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